Say Yes to Chiropractic

Our goal is to support the Bay Area by offering chiropractic care as a preventative form of health care – specifically for underrepresented communities.

Forget everything you know or have heard about Chiropractic. It’s not a snap, crackle, and pop for just pain relief. Let us introduce you to the true power of Chiropractic care!

Step One: Get you out of pain.
Step Two: Keep you out of pain.
Step Three: Keep you out of pain so your body can thrive!

Instead of treating a symptom, we focus on getting to the root cause of health concerns by assessing your brain to body connection. The brain controls every system in your body and communicates information through the spine. We are able to locate areas of stress in your spine and nervous system and fix it through specific, scientific adjustments. The adjustment specifically releases the pressure that is on your nerves in an area of a misalignment and allows those nerves now to signal at 100%. It’s pretty incredible how your nervous system can heal your health concerns when we empower it!

Serving the greater Oakland community.

Using specific analysis and a careful assessment of the nervous system, Chiropractic care allows your body to heal itself.

Dr. Kristan is the very best. I've been to many, many chiropractors and bodyworkers seeking relief for some chronic issues over the years, and NOBODY has been invested in resolving these issues the way Dr. Kristan has. She has been a consistent, loving care provider and I am finally seeing progress in my ongoing neck and shoulder issues! Affordable, attentive, awesome.


It is validating and healing to witness Dr. Kristan making space for people in the myriad of identities that they hold. I have a million wonderful things to say about the way in which I've experienced her care thus far... the desire to make chiropractic care more accessible, and her expressing that seeing folx accessing care is the win/win. I'm very touched by this ethos, and just really do want to take a minute to pause and say thank you.


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