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You belong at our table.

We cultivate a health model that challenges the current standard by prioritizing a POC centered, queer and trans-inclusive, fat friendly space.

While our doors are open for all of the Oakland community, we strive to make quality chiropractic care accessible to the people who need it most.


“We believe chiropractic care should be dictated by your body, not your wallet.”

Membership Plans

Our lives and our bodies are highly unpredictable and our needs change. Therefore, we offer affordable memberships so that you can come as often as you need care.

Using specific analysis and a careful assessment of the nervous system, Chiropractic care allows your body to heal itself. Chiropractic doctors check how your brain communicates to the rest of your body and we adjust how that communication happens by using different techniques. Having clear communication from your brain to body and body to brain allows you to function at your optimal potential!

“Now, more than ever, touch is critical to emotional wellbeing.”

Perinatal & Pediatric

From pregnancy to awkward teen years, we’ve got your back. Literally.

Queer Affirming Care

Even unicorns need to get adjusted once in awhile.

Who We Are

Dr. Kristan Cassady, D.C.


I attended Life Chiropractic College West, graduating Magna Cum Laude, with a specialty in Pediatrics and Pregnancy. Certified in Webster Technique, I worked primarily with LGBTQ pregnant patients and their families, as well as neuro-diverse infants and children during my clinical residency. It’s my absolute honor and privilege to serve the greater Oakland community in which I live.

While in school, my wife and I adopted our son. Being a queer white parent to a brown boy has inspired my practice vision to reach beyond the heteronormative white folx that generally receive chiropractic care. I’m deeply devoted to the surrounding community in which my family and I live by making care accessible and therefore affordable to LGBTQ and BIPOC folx and families.

“Just gotta say, as a queer, poly, plus size black woman I can’t even tell you what it means to me to be able to finally access this type of affordable care and I’m so excited about it!”



“Dr.Cassady is fantastic! She is incredibly gentle and a very attentive listener. She definitely knows her stuff and gave a thoughtful explanation of all of my body's quirks. The space is clean and inviting and she doesn't make you feel rushed. I highly recommend anyone looking for an affordable and effective adjustment to check out Patchworx.”


– Becca

“Dr. Kristan is the very best. I've been to many, many chiropractors and bodyworkers seeking relief for some chronic issues over the years, and NOBODY has been invested in resolving these issues the way Dr. Kristan has. She has been a consistent, loving care provider and I am finally seeing progress in my ongoing neck and shoulder issues! Affordable, attentive, awesome.”


– Alex

Say Yes to Chiropractic!

We offer a holistic approach to your health. When planning your first visit you may have lots of questions. 

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